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Duke's Lacrosse Club

Welcome to the Duke's lacrosse web site. Our goal is to provide current players, alumni and our fans with up-to-date information about the current season. As each season progresses, game dates, times and directions to each location will be added.

The Duke's lacrosse club fields a highly competitive High School All-Star Squad and an Adult summer league team.

The Duke's lacrosse team announces 2014 Fall/Winter schedule.

The Duke's lacrosse team announces 2017 (4), 2016 (22), 2015 (31), and 2014 (32) College selections, 31 high school 2011 All-State, 16 high school 2011 All-Americans and 10 college 2011 All-Americans.

Duke's Facebook Group

Duke's fans log into Facebook, and Join Coach Christmas' group: Property of Dukes Lacrosse Club

Duke's Lacrosse Club FAQ

How do I join Duke’s Lacrosse Club?
Do I get to choose to play in certain tournaments or will I be expected to play in all of them?
I hear that Duke’s players do not get an even amount of playing time. Is that true?
Do I have to go to a certain high school or be from a certain area to be considered?
How much does it cost to play for the Duke’s?
Do the Duke’s really have a depth chart?
Find the answers to these and more. Here in our FAQ.

2013 Peter Ortale
Scholarship Recipients

2013 Ricky Whelan Book
Scholarship recepients

The Dukes are proud to announce a donor has created a Duke's scholarship in honor of Peter Ortale, a Pennsylvania high school player who attended Duke University and was killed on 9-11 in the World Trade Center. For those of us who knew Peter, he was a relentless competitor, an unselfish team player and a compelling leader. He had the qualities that define the consummate Duke's player. We are proud to announce that the recipients of the second Duke's Peter Ortale scholarship award are Mike Sutton, Matt Rambo and Austin Pifani. Both of these players exemplify Peter's attributes and richly deserve the award and this recognition.
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The Dukes are proud to announce a our Ricky Whelan Book Scholarship recepients Trevor Kupecky and Jimmy Murphy. Both of these players exhibit the drive and determination; in and out of the classroom, that we at Duke's LC remember for Ricky Whelan.
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High School All-Stars Mission Statement

We are a special group of people and players. Each of you are hand picked as both lacrosse talents and as individuals who's high moral values represent not only our Duke's team and organization but also your families and communities.

To be a member of the Duke's High School All-Star team, you must pledge yourself to a higher accountability that demands you be a better person then you are a player through example and a standard of conduct at all times.

You represent all aspects of Lacrosse (tradition, sportsmanship, community) and you must be willing to live this Mission Statement, be willing to challenge yourself to achieve excellence even when you don't think its possible and play with a deep reservoir of heart at all times.


Promote the sport of lacrosse and the high school player.


Have individuals who are better people than they are lacrosse players.


Team recognition, Player recognition, Prepare for High School season, Prepare for Team Champ Camp

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